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Anderson Shelter

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Lots of watchers but no bidders (as yet).


I think I could find a space for it , somewhere near the compost corner , too good to part-bury , I suppose it should be under a roof to conserve ? as - 75 years old.


If it were local to me & the starting money was abt. £50 - I would have a crack at it LoL

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Had a search on completed listings £150 for a minta , only a single bid. It had to be collected at quite short notice.


Yes , that is more like - I could find room for something like that, Will have to remember to keep watching.



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This my shelter, should I evict the geese & sell it?




So - has the Mickey Mouse DP washed off after 70 years ?


I am coming more towards thinking I am lacking something without one !


I only recall observing them in back gardens whilst on railway journeys , I don't think they can have been in use locally - too rural ?

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Doesn't work like that Derek, no point in eating the security guards :-D


Very true Clive, I used to keep some. Only trouble was they were completely indiscriminate in who they attacked and I had to keep a wary eye on them at all times.:laugh:

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