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  1. I happened across this film with about 20 seconds of C9B`s firing. not sure it`ll work as a link. It`s on youtube as Goch Grabbed!
  2. Hi Andrew, I have a few items in the collection. I was a kid in the 80`s and love the kit of that era. Tim
  3. We had an EX Saladin crewman visit the collection today, he had some very nice photo`s and wondered if any of the vehicles survived. I know it`s a long shot but they are Saladins O7 CC 84 and 00 DA 11, Dingo 06 ZS 26 and AEC 91 ZR 53.
  4. They do look pretty mean without guards don`t they Lauren. Have read a couple Churchill books but not that one, will look out for it.
  5. This is our MkVII, ex pounds yard in 1979. Also spare engine, MkI and AVRE turrets.
  6. A sad day. Our hobby simply would not be what it is today without Peter.
  7. It was just a lucky find, something positive from yet another week off work with a bad back.
  8. Trawling through Sherman books and closely studying each vehicle (as you do) a reg number looked familiar, I`ve never found a photo of a vehicle I own and never expected to, however T146485 is the number of our M4A4. The vehicle was recovered from a target range 25/30 years ago and this number was painted on the upper front hull side and rear pannel in white, also in black on the lower rear hull side. The photo credit was to the Tank Museum Bovington and they very kindly provided us with a re-print, confirming very clearly the near vehicle on the right of the picture is ours. The caption read Aldershot September 1944 (not quite tearing through the bocage, but never mind) it has not at this time been fitted with applique armour and looks to be part way through a full re-fit. The second photo shows it recently as an un-restored rolling wreck on the "Fury" set.
  9. We`ve had so much good feedback that I think we`ll do it again in a couple years time.
  10. It was a great day indeed Tim. Thanks to all who supported it and made this anniversary so memorable, hope to see all again. I got a nice pic of you guys getting soaked as we went out in the surf..
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