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Bloody Electrics!



OK then My project is coming along nicely so it was time to look at the electrics. I have a LWB FFR 24volt and here is what we have going on.


The Front headlights and side lights work just fine.


The indicators only work on the off side.


The hazards only work on the offside.


The rear side lights only work on the offside.


Fog lights don't work at all.


The horn, wipers and washers don't work.


have taken the dash off and there is this wire just floating about looking like it should be attached somewhere...




The fuse box looks past its best if I am honest with corrosion on the terminals and if you move it around the dash instruments work then don't then do again.


SO where is best to start folks? Start at the fuse box? Would there be any type of relay in particular that could cause this?


I'm learning as I go on the electrical side so please be gentle with me lol

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Hi Nicky,

Some of you light issues could be earthing, or lack of. Get a long piece of cable to test by touching lamp holder and connecting to a known earthing point, engine is best, if not the Neg terminal on battery.


As for the stray wire, check out the colour code to pin it down, it is green with a coloured tracer and I cannot determine if black, blue or whatever.


Here is the cable colour coding;


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To state the obvious - Do you have working bulbs?


There are some wiring diagrams here


Yes it may say lightweight but I have found them useful.

Note a 24v truck does not have a voltage stabiliser for the gauges as these diagrams show.


Remember this is a simple vehicle, there are no dual circuits,

Rear lighting loom runs down the left site chassis and enters the tub behind the nearside rear lights.

Thee is a removable panel in the back of the tool locker.


Indicators/hazards have a common wire after the switches somewhere behind the dash this takes the feed from the hazard and the stalk so the problem is probably somewhere there.


Wipers and washers are on the 3rd fuse.


Stop lights and hazards are on second fuse so that is OK if one works


I would take one items at a time and work through it methodically before going onto the next.


Good Luck



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Not to scare you but... Thought about a full rewire?

i just spliced cable, rewired so we have rear lights... The WD labled indicator stalk is wearing out and dash lights might be led ones soon :) The civilian wire schematic will have parts that are cheaper, easy to get and the military stuff becomes visual objects only.



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It ain't that bad :) fresh cables sort out a lot ;)

you can do it wire for wire, modern spade connectors etc.

i got to do 1x 88, 2x 109 and 1x 101fc, if my dad is nice, i will rewire his ones too.

If you are less adventurous , try autosparks as they sell complete looms from the shelf.

with a land rover you will learn soon enough.

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