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Another Dennis chassis

Great War truck

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I think the spoke pattern depended on who supplied the wheels. We have sets of both but chose the Y-spokes because we liked them better. Our front wheels are stamped 'RS&J' on one and 'S&C' on the other. I take these to be 'Ransomes, Sims and Jefferies' and 'Shrewsbury and Challoner' but stand to be corrected!


The chassis is not a Subsidy type, like ours, as the wheelbase is a foot longer and the hole drillings are quite different.



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Although 3783 is recorded in the chassis logs as 1914 and OHMS this chassis does not look like anything else in the 3000 series of chassis numbers.


There were ranges of numbers used and 3000 seems to correlate to the 5 foot track model with the chassis constructed of rolled steel channel. So the identification is still a little uncertain.


In the 3000 range the earlier models tended to be Y spoke and the later ones tended to be round hollow spoke.

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The fire engines were usually a very short wheelbase (11'6" for the 6 cylinder, 10'6" for the large 4 cylinder). The archives of Dennis are held by the Surrey History Centre in Woking.


Steve has told me the chassis has a very long wheelbase for the period (14'6") and it may have been longer as there is a flitch plate "repair" in the middle.


On a listing of standard models built up to the mid twenties only two are this long on solid tyres:

6 Ton, 14'6" wheelbase, 21'7"7/8 overall length. 127x180 pair cast White and Poppe engine with 9.66 or 8.75:1 back axle.

40-50HP omnibus, 15'4" wheelbase, 25' overall length. 115x150 pair cast White and Poppe engine.


However it may have been a non standard model. Does anyone know how wide the back tyres were?



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I hope to visit this chassis soon and have a good look over it. There are lots of things like the distance between mounting holes for the engine etc. that could help confirm its identity.


It could be more than one chassis; hopefully an inspection will give more information.

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