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why do they do this


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Saw this on fleabay and wonder why they say it is WW2 - Truck LRDG jeep etc from Normandy and american etc. These sellers should carry out a bit of research and not claim something that it is not. There are millions of these about and some still in service since way back. Price £150 to buy it now, for that I would be looking for a whole pallet of them



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I suspect that is done so that when a potential buyer does a search on that site using various key words similar to the seller's item, it'll pop up. I've seen that with various MVs on there an example would be an add for a generic G503 titled as: "WW2 jeep,MB,GPW, MASH Jeep". Someone looking for a jeep might plug one or multiple words like that into the ebay search engine an have several hits returned....



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There's no point in getting hot under the collar - the thing about the open market is that you can ask whatever you like for stuff, and if it sells well great. if it doesn't - lesson learned.


£150 might be money well spent getting a restoration finished or a set of equipment just so. This is especially the case when some vehicles command very high 2014 prices yet owners want to still pay 1960s prices for parts!


Oh and if anyone has a pallets of PSP at £150 a pop I will take two pallets please.................:cool2:

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