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Shooting butts?


I beg your pardon :-D


Ah I see what you mean. Another good suggestion but its not that.


If it helps this is 1961 & it would only be necessary for this particular unit to have one of these.

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Anything to do with back blasts?

Lee I can see the line of thought with the era & your BAT experiences. But it is not for that.


Surprisingly despite its substantial construction not a great deal of force is applied to it & incidentally only one soldier would need to use at a time. :D

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If it helps, this contraption was given the same name as a military vehicle. The name probably describes the role of this better than it does for the military vehicle.


In case any one wonders, it is not called Humber 1 Ton :D

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That'll be a Stalwart then Clive.
Not a Stalwart Bernard.

It is actually an animal & its behaviour would give a clue.

But googling this animal didn't match up with this contraption I'm afraid :D

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Correct - an Aardvark. Mine clearance vehicle. Thought a bit of shuttering might be loosely related to excavations.


Sniffing around for clues - well really…...:iamsmiling:


Not mine clearance.

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So which specific unit would use it? Thoughts of digging holes , Sappers? Oh Lord! You're not back on Latrines are you?


Sorry nothing lavatorial this time Tony

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