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WW 1 era Packard Truck


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Hi, thought I'd post some pictures of the project that I've found and bought, it is a model D 3 ton Packard truck that came of a farm in Idaho, it also came with a spare engine out of an early model E which is the same engine more or less, only the D is a 3 speed with the gearchange on the outside of the chassis and the E models came out with a 4 speed g/box attached to the back of the engine, I have the brass radiator for the truck but it was removed and crated separately for transporting and is in excellent condition, the truck is mechanically complete and has had the usual bits of steel welded to it and some of the rear section cut off, I have also got the correct fueltank coming from Dave lockhard who runs the Packard truck club in the states, he has been more than helpful and his dedication to all things Packard is well known, hope you all enjoy.

cheers mike.






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Is the engine Packard's own design or bought in? The reasion for asking is that it looks very like a modernised version of the Continental engine that Dan has just got for his Halley project. Single cylinder block vs dual, more aluminium castings but rather similar features.


Nice starting point though, what style of body are you going to put on it?



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Hi, to answer your questions, originaly the rear tyres I think should be duals, but being put to use as a farmtruck later on in its life whatever fitted was used I guess?, the engine is packards own, and from what I've read they were a truck with a good reputation for reliability, not sure what style body I'm going to do yet, the pictures probably don't do the chassis justice as its quiet a heavy tapered channel and only has a slight sideways bend due to the fact that the rear crossmember was replaced with a piece of railway iron which is cracked in half, as to a timeframe for restoration Robert, I'm still working on the Albion 24, so i'll have some decisions to make? even though I like American trucks obviously, I'm still very keen on the British trucks, I'm actually trying to purchase the remains of an early 20's large chaindrive Scammell. The American trucks are usually found in a far more mechanically complete state, unlike how you and I find our trucks down here, they normaly allways are missing major components like engines or diffs, radiators etc,

I've included a few pics of a 1912 White 3 ton chassis that came with the Packard, it fitted very nicely ontop of the Packard, its again rough but mechanically complete and also has an excellent radiator, the engine turns over which was a surprise as the White was more or less thrown in with the Packard!!

as you can tell I like them all, and I'm filling my shed up very quickly so a new shed and workshop is planned in the next few years,

cheers mike.



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Hi donal, thanks for the offer, and yes I hope we can help each other, I have some model E spares that came with my truck so don't hesitate to ask, mine is fairly complete, I'm waiting on the correct lights and new front fenders that are coming from the states, I got a good fueltank from Dave Lockard as well as a large chassis diagram that dave laminated and sent me, I'm missing the handpump for the fuel system and all the gauges [3 off] the other piece I'm having trouble finding here in NZ is some 6'x3' tapered channel to repair the rearend of the chassis where its been hacked off, I may have to fab it myself? anyway send me a pm if you need anything, cheers mike.

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I posted some photos of a WW1 Packard which turned up in Yugoslavia a few years ago. The restoration has been completed and it looks rather good:




Sadly, the owner/restorer who features in the background of this clip died not long after this film was taken.

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