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  1. What a great find!!! Please keep us updated about it!
  2. Not long ago I showed a couple of photos of this Km-meter, but finally I got it. So, a few better photos now, including the back side:
  3. Thanks for your response, Al. Unfortunately all I have are those two photos, so no idea about the details
  4. Any ideas about that one? Does A.B.C. refer to ABC Motors Limited (All British Company) of Hersham, Surrey? By the way it looks, must be WW1 or older? And from what vehicle, a car or truck? Thanks!
  5. I've seen these oil channels and turned holes in 30s Mercedes engines. Seems it's a common feature. There is an old trick to reuse slightly worn bushings - press them out, tinplate with babbitt alloy the outside, then press them back in place. In the process some of the babbitt is removed by the conrod, but enough remains to tighten the bushing so much, that the pin would not fit in it. So, after reaming to size, it is as good as new. I guess new new is the best :), but material was scarce at some times, so such tricks were used. Have tried it myself and really works.
  6. It is Greek. I think I managed to read the first word, the next one is not well seen. It's Greek letters, which can be translated to E.S. Ypiresia. The E.S. means Elinikos Stratos /Greek Army/ and Ypiresia - Service
  7. A busy Bulgarian repair shop. The whole photo, plus some interesting parts magnified: /well, the main photo appeared at the bottom/
  8. Interesting video, indeed! I hope this time it will work:
  9. Probably the wife insists to be sold and the husband cooperates, but makes sure it won;t be bought
  10. Yes, definitely Bulgaria As for the Purrey, i think the difference is in the System word - it is not a Purrey, but a vehicle made in the Purrey system, the Purrey configuration of the body.
  11. the radiator resembles NAG. An extraordinary vehicle!
  12. Hi Al, unfortunately there are no such pictures. The closest to a full vehicle is the chassis picture, which I have shown, the rest are just pictures of parts. In fact this seems the way they made the parts lists - I have parts lists for late 1930s Mercedes cars /170 and 230/ and there is also no car shown, again the most complete scheme is just a running chassis.
  13. It came out of the blue, found at a flea market!
  14. And yes, it actually shows a "normal"chassis and the parts are for it, too, but there is a chapter attached in the end, showing in a few pages the Chain Drive parts. Seems the truck was delivered in both configurations.
  15. A few years ago I was lucky to find something really rare - a Benz Gaggenau truck parts list. I think it is exactly from the period of the photos above. Not sure if it is exactly the same model, but at least, very close. It is for a 3-ton Benz Gaggenau, with chain drive. The engine from the photos above and in the books looks pretty much the same. The book has seen better days, but I'm in love with it anyway
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