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German Jet and rocket X-planes

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Years ago I built a lot of German experimental Jet and rocket planes.


If interested, I have a lot more photo's.









Very nice, more the merrier!! We photo addicts need our daily fix and these do it for me my friend!! Thank you.

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What actually are they?


OK Tony, for you;

1; Messerschmitt P1092 series?

2; Messerschmitt P1101, almost finished at war's end

3; Messerschmitt 163, used operationally

4; DFS 346

5; Messerschmitt 1099?, further developement of ME 262

6; Detail of above

7; Lippisch P13

8 Messerschmitt 328, same type engines as V1

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Junkers EF 128



Focke-Wulf, TA 283 Ramjet Fighter



Focke-Wulf, FW 226



Arado 234, the 2 engine type was used operationally. V1 on top


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