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have one on mine. I can use it to track my trips as well as its live, Although I am 12 volt.


Im 12v aswell,,, ,, Im not sure where to get it fitted so it cant be found, ,,


Well even if they found mine and cut the power I would still get an email and text message within a milisecond so would know something was happening........... mines from here.....rcarter@carrotech.com. It belongs to you and there is NO monthly charge. He does lots of off road vehicles, vans/plant etc. Local too.

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It's worthwhile pointing out that while these devices may defeat the average local yobbo, they're useless against a professional thief stealing to order. GPS jammers were around a tenner last time I looked.



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Young Russell at Carrotech will keep you right


Two things to note though;


1. His systems do work down to 6 volt input, I remember reading that in the technical bumf that came with mine.


2. You need to ask him to set it up for low power draw. They are really designed to keep track of vehicles that are used every day, when I went away for two weeks on holiday and came back, both of my vehicles had the battery drawn down to the point they wouldn't start - Russell has a solution for that now though.


If I was fitting his system to a jeep I'd just stick it inside a chassis rail somewhere, it is only the size of a cigarette packet - whatever that is, but I would leave the vehicle either on a mains battery maintainer like an Accumate or possibly a solar charger - just something to offset the draw down of the system.


When my wife starts her car I get a notification on my watch :cool2: and you can configure the systems with all sorts of alarms and trip notifications. On some setups you can even immobilise the vehicle remotely.


Good value for money, the system is yours when you buy it, but there is a ( small ) yearly charge for the use of the SIM card. Peanuts compared to the peace of mind tho'

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He does have a small plug-in ariel for it, so you could hide the unit, but with a single wire going to somewhere that the satellite signal can get to.


Both of mine are inside conventional steel-box framed passenger cars and didn't need the ariel.

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