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D0 is pushed up the handle which opens the two arms Dx thus opening the fabric pouch, we pick apples with ours.....
It does open out Bernard but you mustn't pick anything with this.


Is it for retrieving a rugby ball from a scrum?
Nope not a ball picker
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Without knowing the exact size of the thing, could it be an early medical device for widening arteries or other internal passages?



Simon I think I know what you might have in mind, those particular devices if they did exist beyond barrack room horror stories make me wince.:shake:


But no its much larger, the pole is for carrying it.

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Is it for signalling? I can see now that when opened up it is not like an umbrella but appears to be a circle of fabric.


Very good Richard spot on.

There were several variants of construction & use detailed here. Can anyone explain these? There was also a purpose more basic than communicating although in the broadest sense it is also communication.App3822b.jpg

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would it be an improved apparatus for indicating or communication in connection with military and other operations?


Ah, we posted at the same time Clive!! It is Patent no. 9350 and applied for by Bernard Dietz of Canterbury


Oh crikey did you google it to ebay? Grrh! I only got it in the post today!

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