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Look what hoseman found.....!!!


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Story went that the prop picked up a tyre and pulled it around, tearing out the panel. About the result one might expect. The panel may not have been 'removed' by the tyre, but bear in mind that the vehicle would have been inspected after the incident, hence that and other removed panelling.

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Question Sir!! Can I have it please! :-D


Looks like shes getting fixed mate.

I tried to get a pic of the hole around the prop shaft, its cut out for repair as is the insides. Think shes getting refitted by the way stuff has been removed carefully. the pics were taken on my fone in strong sunlight!


Not much visible damage left, all marked in chalk and cut out.

At the end of the day, it wasnt the operators fault that there was a tyre in the dock!

The company is being run by the administrators so as not to run at a loss and have to cease trading.


She is in Cammell Lairds Shipyard in Birkenhead. I do a lot of work in there on the MOD ships and others.


I will find out who is in charge of her tomorrow when in there and see if i can get any further info.

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Spoke to the ships manager in charge today.


Shes getting fixed up, interiour is out and was getting steam cleaned out while I was there.

They are going to fill all her inner spaces with foam (dont know if spray or blocks) and stick her in the wet basin and try to sink her!!!! (His words not mine)

Going to be subjected to severe boyancy testing to see if can be capsized.

Apparently the hull steel on these is only 2mm thick!!!!

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