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BAOR Markings


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Hi There, has anyone got any ideas what the '145' markings on the off side front of my AEC Matador relate to?? I think they are possibly from it's days in the BAOR?? There is also a Union Jack on the near side. The truck is a 1944 build but was rebuilt in 1953 and then sold off around 1967. The blue paint is its post military colour, the markings are painted underneath this and on top of green. :-) 067.JPG


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I would guess that Wally is spot on but more generally (in the 70s ANYWAY) these were known as tac (short for tactical) numbers; every formation had one but I cannot remember if there was any grouping or unit specific third digit. My first squadron was 6 Arty Support Sqn and we started with 190 (Corps Troops) then changed to 156 when the Arty Bde was formed but cannot for the life of me remember if all the rest of the bde started with the 15.


Sometimes large sub units had a / and a fourth number to distinguish them from other parts of the same regiment or whatever. In other cases each sub unit had different numbers - thus 3 Tk Ttr Sqn had 210, 16 Tk Tptr Sqn had 211 and 617 Tk Tptr Sqn had 213.


You would also find the same number on the back of the truck, and they were often on the white diffs so you could quickly establish if you were following the right convoy in the middle of the night.....

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Hi Mel


With regards as to what Paul has posted I did say that the reference book was from 1945 to 1970 this is a MOD publication and I noted that your vehicle was released in 1967. therefore the information is correct, in 1970 the system was changed to what Paul is referring to. So please do not get confused.





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Clive thanks for the link. Wally/Paul, at the risk of sounding stupid, would I be right in thinking that by the 60's they had done away with the red/blue with white numbers in favour of the white with black numbers?? However saying that I found a couple of black and white photos taken in Germany in 1962 showing the tractors with what seems to be the old type serial numbers?? Totally by coincidence, I have another Matador with the same serial number painted on the white diff as you said. Cheers, Mel :-) IMG0003.jpg



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