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1 ton LR roll cage bars & hood sticks


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Me again chaps, scrounging a little bit of 1 tonner info.

Just putting the final details together for the 1/24th 1 ton forward control Land Rover model & have hit a lack of knowledge problem.


Hopefully someone can put me right......do the two heavy roll cab bars actually form part of the canopy support or do they finish lower than the canopy.....in which case is there then a normal canopy tube attached to the front roll bar in some way to gain the correct height.


I can see how the rear canopy tube work is arranged from my pictures...I just loose track of things at the roll cage end because the canvas is always in the shot & hiding things.


Drawing from a parts book ? or photo of a 1 ton with the canvas off but the rest still fitted perhaps ?? or even a picture of the bars/tubes taken from the passengers/drivers seat might help ???


Thanks in advance

Howard @ KFS

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Ahhh, now I get it :D !

Curve in the rollcage is a wider arc than I first thought & theres a short extension for the canopy at that point.


Perfect, I reckon those answer the question alright.:banana:

Thanks for those Ivor, you're a gent.:thanx:



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We aim to please ...


If ever you fall over any rear body handrail/strengthener sections - the curved bits at the back - I need a pair!


Likewise I'm after some genuine 101 GS Rear seats, if anyone can help :-)


MT :-)

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