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Hi from Uttoxeter

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Hello people


I am new to this forum kind of thing although I have had military vehicles for some time. I wonder if anyone out there can ansewer a couple of questions regarding my Samson CVRT


The winch works fine with the exception of the fast payout function. I flick the toggle switch & it makes no difference. I have read in the manual that it should operate a solenoid. Wher is this & how does it make the line payour faster

Also I am getting ready to replace the gearbox with a spare I have. Is/are there any emers for the procedure?

I believe the box is shimmed, is this due to variation in the hull or gearbox, or both? When I replace the box will I have to reshim?


Cheers Guy


CVRT Samson

Daimler Ferret 2/3

Lightweight S3 landrover

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Hi Guy,


The gearbox is shimmed under the bolt at the back in the centre. You need to put it in, then check it by measuring the distance from the top and bottom of the box to the bulkhead. I will see if I can dig out the manual.



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