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Hello from North Yorkshire....


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Hi Im an Ex REME Armourer having served 25 years (no boy service... always an adult!!!!!!!)

Retired to North Yorks to look after a 1953 Austin Champ fitted with a replica m40 recoilless rifle as used by 1 Para in Suez 1956






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Welcome in, we were getting the vehicles (Tanks) ready for Suez in Germany in 1956, worked around the clock. I always thought that the Champ was a very nice vehicle to drive (They were new then) unfortunately a pain to service out in the field......... and they could have 2.5 Land Rovers for the same money.

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Welcome to you.


I do not blame you for retiring there - lovely area. I worked between Ripon and Masham for a fair time and loved it. Good folk and great fun.


Ever worked on hydraulics of Eager Beavers?

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