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    Somerset/Wilts border
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    Vehicles that are solid or repairable with something. Seriously not into throw-away stuff.
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    Mainly take on contracting work with my 3 tonne mini-digger and chain-trencher.
  1. Or even do you know anyone with a repair manual for one - nice if it was the MKII as well. If only!!!
  2. That is interesting :shocked:- I guessed that it would have been a RL clutch. There are a couple of parts on the hydraulics that I am not sure about - do you think you may remember or even know about the bits if I describe them?
  3. Giles

    Big ray

    Err sorry to have just welcomed you as you seem to have been around for longer than me. I thought the post was welcoming you:nut:
  4. Giles

    Big ray

    Welcome Big Ray Among all your impressive collection, I see you have the old Royal Enfield 350. I was so impressed to take my test on a 350 when civvies could only ride 250's. Did mine in Recklinhausen circa '76/77. The WO2 followed me in his Escort and laughed himself silly when I got the knobbles stuck in the tramlines going under a bridge but did not put my foot down or get squashed by the tram so passed. He was still laughing when we got back to the depot:mad: Do you know anyone who is still knowledgeable on Eager Beaver hydraulics by any chance?
  5. A late welcome from me. Ever have anything to do with Eager Beavers? Still trying to find ex-REME who has.
  6. Welcome to you. I have lived near Tongue several times in my life and near Helmesdale. I hope you get it through the MOT without too many problems.
  7. Hi David, did you get your machine? I did not see your post for sizes until now.
  8. Fortunately I am an agricultural contractor and the Beaver is very helpful especially in off-road situations:-)
  9. Wow - from your first pics, that is a very good restoration - well done.
  10. I was wondering the same:-D
  11. Welcome to you. I do not blame you for retiring there - lovely area. I worked between Ripon and Masham for a fair time and loved it. Good folk and great fun. Ever worked on hydraulics of Eager Beavers?
  12. Just an update - taxed the Eager Beaver as Agricultural Vehicle as it fulfills all the criteria:cool2:. Not historic as it is 3 months too young:mad:
  13. I have seen the Ministry dipping in most unexpected places. Even in a motorway service station car-park when I was passing through to collect my EB. I don't blame them as the temptation must be great with these prices and it is their job. I am quite happy to put in some white if I am going to drive to a show. But as it will not carry goods for hire or reward I am expecting to use it on red the rest of the time. I am interested to see what the MVT suggests as those guys have loads more experience on this stuff. (Anyone who drives an Iron fairy at or beyond 12mph will be very sea-sick anyway.:red:)
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