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Hi! Can I join? :)

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My name's Blanka and I am new to this forum. I am a reenactor from the Czech republic. I am interested in WW2 British Army reenactment.

As a girl I am interested especially in history/uniforms/miilitaria of ATS and QAIMNS as well.

I am a member of a reenactment group Tommy and Yankee from Pilsen, Czech republic. Our main occupation is Liberation festival in May in our city. It celebrates every year that Pilsen was liberated by US Army in 1945.

Our group has two parts - US and British. Our US part represent 2ID in WW2, our British part represent DLI and 1st SAS (and during liberation festival our brave Czechoslovaks serving under the British flag in WWII).

Today our only car of our group is jeep which we are rebuilding to SAS jeep. But we intend to buy new vehicle soon, probably Bedford MW will be the best.

I hope I've introduced myself well;)



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Welcome Blanka! The college I went to (A long time ago now) Was the Warwickshire College of Agriculture at Moreton Morell Warwickshire. It became a college in 1948, the reason for all this is, before that during the years 1940-47 it was the Headquarters of the Free Czech Forces! :-D

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