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This Was Not In The Plan For The Day !


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Gentlemen, I can share with you that when my son and I went out yesterday :drive:morning to visit his grandparents 7 miles away, I hadn't anticipated coming back home with such lack of style.... :blush: :embarrassed:










This is what ends up happening when the flexible oil pressure pipe on a CCKW that connects to the oil pressure gauge, decides to split when your not at home... :shocked:

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While you're buying the replacement, it would be wise to change the pipe from the T piece on the front left of the engine to the oil filter housing and the one from the filter housing to the block (at the fuel pump). All three flexi's are time bombs!Regards - Mike


Yeah good thinking Mike. I feel a call to Rex Ward is called for tomorrow.



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I can sympathise here. A while ago I was off to a show and one of the oil cooler pipes burst. Result, a very well protected bulkhead, no oil in the engine, and a lift home courtesy of the RAC.


Yikes !!! Did you end up with any permanent damage ?

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No damage to the engine, LR engines are made of good stuff, obviously there was still some oil left in there, and also I stopped a bit sharpish when the oil light came on. I thought it was a bad connection on the sender unit......


So presumably you ended up getting recovered as well, or were you able to fix by the road-side ?

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