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By this I want to introduce me on hmvf.


Owner of several classic bikes and with the restoration of my triumph 3hw bike the start was made for one other military vehicle, and now i want to start with the rebuild of a bedford QL.


Some pictures of my 3hw.





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really nice looking job on the bike ,welcome in,I presume the picture is taken ar the radar museum at Douvres,I am looking forward to getting my bike back to Normandy asap.


Hello, I will tray to get the bedford ready for 2014 and then i can take my triumph on the back to Normandy.

Indeed it is the radar station of Douvres, as my triumph has the number 93 of the 41 royal marines commando.iIt was the right spot to make some pictures as the commando's had some fighting to do on this location.

Normally there will be something to do for British wd bikes in Normandy in 2014 as in 2009 (just have a lock to the bsa m20 forum)


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