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Midsomer Murders

Richard Farrant

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Did anyone see the episode of Midsomer Murders on ITV Sunday night? The unfortunate victim this week was found dead in a WW2 Humber Snipe staff car on an old airfield. His father had a farm, the yard full of assorted MV's, inc. Bedford OY, Ferret, Jeep, OT810 half track and a Scammell Pioneer. The none speaking person "working" on the half track was none other than Pete Gaine, well known dealer in Bedfords and parts.


The Scammell, was Swampy, the last serving Pioneer in the British Army. Some years ago it was brought back from Belize, severely decayed in the woodwork dept., and restored by REME, to a fine finish.



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Sounded really odd. Couldn't relate the noise to a Jeep, so maybe it wasn't. Funny colour too!


Was that definitely an OT810 and not a Hanomag one?






Thought it was an OT, but may be wrong, not an expert on German kit. I just caught a glimpse of the reg. plate on the jeep when he pulled up in the street, and thought it was a Dutch plate, again could be wrong.



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The gratuitous MVs were fine, but why did the farmer playwith the clip of 303 rounds then aim his LE at the camera and pull the trigger?

My wifes answer predictably was: 'just to show that blokes who play with old military vehicles are nutters.......................'


Still, nice to see MVs on the TV! :banana:



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