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Sabre 03 FD 47

robin craig

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If the regimental badge * decal on the night sight cover is correct, it used to be 17/21st Lancers (pre-1992). It may of course be that a private owner decided to slap a decal on the night sight cover because it looks pretty: it never happened in service unless a vehicle was on a KAPE tour to Keep the Army in the Public Eye.


In Options for Change, 17/21st Lancers amalgamated with 16/5th Lancers to become the Queen's Royal Lancers. However, something is telling me that QRL use a red background (as did 15/19th Hussars and their post-Options son The Light Dragoons).


I don't know exactly when Sabre was in service, but I do know that Light Dragoons had them in the Balkans in the mid-90s. I cannot remember whether QRL are now (permanently since Options) recce or amour: I suspect the former. The blurb says chain gun, which istr is correct for a Sabre in a recce regt, but not recce troop of an armoured regiment.



* 17/21L and afaik QRL take great exception to people calling their badge a badge: they prefer "motto" because with the scroll under the death's head, it reads "Death or Glory", motto of either 17th or 21st Lancers, forebears of 17/21L.

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qrl remained an armoured regt up till 2003 i think then reroled back to recce. sabre was rejected by the rac only inf recce platoons used them when we 9/12l were the last ever training regt the inf platoon in lulworth had 3 and warriors. we had 13 scimitars and 3 strikers. The light dragoons used scimitars in bosnia as did we

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Come now, someone must have seen it in the UK at some point in time before it went to the USA.


A bit late in the day, I know, but I've just seen it on the A+S website, so it presumably went via there:




Hope that helps! I'm currently writing up A+S for PreservedTanks.com, so I was scouring the photographs for clues to which vehicles had passed through there, and a Google on the reg got me here - very handy, so thanks everyone here for the info on where it went.


Location ID 3350: A+S

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