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  1. All original parts except connecting piece under the breech cover, ideal for vehicles rifle racks £300 and £275 each.
  2. Copied exact to original £300 plus £8.55 postage within uk
  3. WW2 tow hook as pictured, comes with new old stock nuts. £120, plus £8.55 postage within U.K.
  4. Set of good usable Bren carrier track £2500
  5. Hi Bob, Can you post up the pics you have if it please. Thanks
  6. http://www.mapleleafup.net/forums/images/icons/icon1.gif 1937 Vickers Machine Gun Carrier No1 Mk1 CMM985 Second one made of 14 development carriers built by Vickers Armstrong, in 1936-1937 under contract T2996. These carriers developed into the Bren and Scout carriers used by the BEF in France. Please see attached link for further info, comes with some parts to complete the project. T1829 is a Historically important carrier and needs total restoration, set of very good track also available separately. Open to sensible offers. http://www.mapleleafup.net/forums/showthre
  7. Wanted 6 pdr or 57mm anti tank gun, good price paid.
  8. Looking for ww2 era tracked vehicle and 6 pdr or 2 pdr artillery piece. Restored or unrestored, Cash waiting.
  9. Heavy cotton Tarp, very large size, enough to cover a Cromwell or Comet size tank. Can deliver to W&P show. £150
  10. Totally rebuilt and restored Willys MB 1943 Jeep, ready to drive for D Day anniversary, original tub, chassis. Comes with canvas top, any inspection welcome, appreciating classic investment, no road tax or MOT required, £100 a year classic vehicle insurance. £22500
  11. Wanted, original jeep rifle holder which goes along bottom of windshield on a WILLYS or Ford jeep, also fire extinguisher bracket for Same Thanks
  12. Rusty wheel without tabs and one good tyre (tyre on wheel is worn) £100 can take to Malvern Sunday.
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