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  1. Wanted 6 pdr or 57mm anti tank gun, good price paid.
  2. Looking for ww2 era tracked vehicle and 6 pdr or 2 pdr artillery piece. Restored or unrestored, Cash waiting.
  3. Heavy cotton Tarp, very large size, enough to cover a Cromwell or Comet size tank. Can deliver to W&P show. £150
  4. Totally rebuilt and restored Willys MB 1943 Jeep, ready to drive for D Day anniversary, original tub, chassis. Comes with canvas top, any inspection welcome, appreciating classic investment, no road tax or MOT required, £100 a year classic vehicle insurance. £22500
  5. Wanted, original jeep rifle holder which goes along bottom of windshield on a WILLYS or Ford jeep, also fire extinguisher bracket for Same Thanks
  6. Rusty wheel without tabs and one good tyre (tyre on wheel is worn) £100 can take to Malvern Sunday.
  7. Original Jeep Engine as pictured, comes with cylinder head, new boxed distributor, new air filter, carb. No visable detects, ideal for rebuild. Open to offers.
  8. New old stock muzzle brake for the 6 pdr anti tank gun. £275
  9. Military vehicle Tarp, massive size enough to cover a Cromwell or Comet tank £150 possible delivery depending on location.
  10. Good Luck with the project and would really like to drive it when finished. I noticed also the rear final drive castings are dated 1943 when it was being lifted, it's also got a double skin fighting compartment floor.
  11. Wanted Daimler Dingo any condition also Willy’s or Ford jeep restored. PM me.
  12. Nos still in box, pm for further details.
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