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Bundeswehr Cammo net systems

Steve 82

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Am researching the cammouflage nest systems developed by the Bundeswehr through the 1970`s and 1980`s in order to be as accurate as possible for my signals Living history displays this Summer.


To the best of my knowledge:



nets - intermittent irregular sections of plastic textured material (scrim) attached to cord nets

poles - aluminium

spreaders - steel arms with web spreader straps



nets - cord nets, completely covered with plastic textured material (heavier than equivalently sized 1970`s versions)

poles - GRP

spreaders - same as 1970`s


In both cases - one side coloured green and black, the other earth, green and black


Multiple nets were joined along the edges using special cords with fittings which connected with the metal rings fixed around the net borders.


Could someone possibly clarify techniques used to erect large net structures.




Steve 82

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Here are some period photos of different nets in use. I understand that all available nets were used - initially a combination of different BW models combined with available US stock. Later, these could even be supplemented with inherited East German stocks.



Steve 82




















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