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44 Humber Scout restoration


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Well those that know about my Humber Scout and the issues it had after its 1st restoration overseas... :shocked: is almost finished from its new restoration!!!! 2 years later....


Radiator fluid was leaking, thought I had a bad block, head was never honed and was uneven, fixed that, but most of the head bolts were stripped and loose and you couldn't torque the head down good enough, so leaked bad...


Engine will be back from the shop in a week or so with balanced bearings and an internal steam cleaning, new pistons and rings, gaskets etc. The interior goodies that were missing for the CES kit and engine compartment equipment has been located or painstakenly reproduced.

Work done...IN BOLD

Make box on near side escape hatch (first aid kit and 5 sten mags)

Move extinguisher bracket to drivers side bin (late 44)

Replace mirrors with proper ones

Install correct Lucas horn and bracket

Install proper metal tubing for radiator overflow to POW can

Install fuel tank vent with proper tubing

Install oil can bracket engine comp 1/2 pint

Make oil can bracket for 1 quart

Make and Install foot pump holder in engine comp

Make and Install white convoy plate on muffler

Move convoy light to near side rear for night driving

Move and install 1 more canteen bracket on off side escape hatch with handle

Install webbing to bren drum holders

Fix commanders chair and add cable/handle to raise lower

Install map pocket on near side wall

Install stops on top sliding doors (with springs)

Fix grenade box holders

Fix 4 wheel drive handle

Install cover over 4 wheel drive canvas cover

Install correct gauges(have all the correct gauges and speedo, restored and done)

Repaint in correct color

Repaint interior

Get knob for off side rear control box area (generator high switch)

New radiator (with proper overflow)

Redo wiring (with cloth covered)

Redo spark plug wires

New tyres (done)

Install smatchet

Install wire cutter

Install WS 19 set

Fix ® side bren holder

Repaint engine compartment

Redo all electrical components

Redo Brake lines and brakes

Redo exhaust system

Redo fuel system

Redo elctrical system

Redo steering, transmission and transfer case (master cylinder, steering box)

Accelerator cable

Throttle cable

Choke cable

Redo engine, cylinders, head, new gaskets pistons and rings

Rebuild Lucas Distributor

Rebuild CAV dynamo

Rebuild Starter

Rebuild ignition coil

Rebuild fuel pump

Rebuild Lucas Distributor

Clean and boil fuel tank, then seal

Lucas Screen and wiper (manufacture)

Manufacture front window armour

Pics for your enjoyment at current stage:http://s141.photobucket.com/user/lssah2025/story/16889


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Well all of the interior goodies that were missing have been painstakenly reproduced (minus a few ones that will be made after she is on the road), the drivers port was made from scratch and turned out beautiful!! Fabricated the tyre pump holder and oil can holder for the engine compartment. I still need to find a proper speedo and wiper motor. The engine was a complete rebuild with 0 hours on the clock now, new pistons/rings, gaskets, crank shaft balanced etc. Generator, starter were all rebuilt. It has all new cloth coverered wiring and I redid the instrument panel with colored wiring for trouble shooting. Proper tyres were found and will be on soon. The engine compartment is getting a wipedown then a respray and the engine will go back in. Then the interior will get a respray and then on to the exterior.. After a 1+ year rebuild, I am hoping to have her on the road by the end of the year!!!! Still have to find a proper radiator that will work and modify the fittings and brackets, the one that was in it had the wrong side hose attachment and made the engine have heating problems...


http://s141.photobucket.com/albums/r77/lssah2025/1944 Humber Scout Car Mk II/?albumview=slideshow








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Adrian, I do know the type that I need, all of the ones for the LR's etc have the switch on the unit, the ones used in the HAC and HSC had a seperate switch next to the unit. I will end up just using one that is very similar with the switch on it. I have all of the correct gauges, just need to send them off to be redone. I am using new post war ones until I get my other ones back. STILL CHASING THE PLM!!!!!

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Some more pics of the restoration.. engine rebuilt (new pistons and rings, new head bolts made, new head gasket and crankshaft balanced), engine compartment repainted, fighting compartment repainted (after all the new bins and components produced),,,soon the engine will be going back in, then the new wiring will go back in, has already been cut, wiring harness made, (as you can see I used some multi covered cloth wiring for the dash ,this is so any issues can be found quickly, the other wiring is black with some type of stripe etc) the exterior will then be repainted int the proper color and the correct tyres put back on...









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More HSC updates, interior all painted, using post war jeep gauges until my correct gauges and speedo get back from rebuild, new wiring harness going back in, all the fuse panels etc were sandblasted to get the copper nice and clean, then repainted (looking for a brass tag for my CAV control board), within a week or so the engine should be going back in, exterior prepped for painting then a respray, then the rest of the interior fighting compartment parts will e put back in, wireless shelf etc.




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Yes I do Adrian, I figured for ease of work/trouble shooting any electrical issues (possibly) down the road, I added some color into it, the majority of the wiring will be covered up with the wire covering anyway.

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