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  1. No problem at all. I haven't been on HMVF much recently so apologies for not seeing your post. Just give me a call sometime on 07968274480. Many thanks, James.
  2. until

    Thank you. Please spread the word :)
  3. until
    Now in it's 5th year, the Dig for Victory Show welcomes vehicle owners of all ages and types. Renowned for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere, the show is unique in that it takes visitors along a timeline of history, back to the 1940's giving a place for everyone. If you fancy a few days in the beautiful West Country, excellent company, great music and good cider - the Dig for Victory how is just for you. All forms, details etc. are available online via the web site: www.digforvictoryshow.com
  4. Hi, Sorry you have been struggling to contact us. How can we help?
  5. Thanks Niels, yes we do have a coupe of old AEC that need a good home.
  6. Great story and fabulous restoration. Thank you for sharing your photos.
  7. Hi Richard, Could you post a photo? Many thanks. J
  8. What you are doing is very admirable. Good luck with your tank - although you might not believe me, some of us would love to be in your position. Looking forward to watching your progress. :-)
  9. If you want to take a closer look at the truck, check out our web site http://www.shoplandcollection.com
  10. Hi there, Drop me a line at james@shoplandsawmills.co.uk we have the remains of a few Crossleys dotted about the place. Yours etc.
  11. Sorry Adrian, I should engage my brain/attention fully when using idioms - shed any light and unrelated spello - data plate. Hare and Tortoise comes to mind.
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