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Hi All


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Hi All


Although I own nothing historic (my Zarifa might qualify though) or indeed military I do have this unhealthy interest in Military vehicles.


Joined the Royal Armoured Corps in 1986 and was stationed across the road from the Bovington Tank Museum. It's fair to say I visited every weekend, either to pass the time between meals or just to stroll around and soak up the whole AFV atmosphere.


Trained as a Cheiftain Crewman before converting to Challenger 1 in 1988. Left the RAC and went Logisitcs unitl I left the forces in '99. Still haven't lost that fuzzy warm feeling when I see/hear AFV's when I'm visiting/driving past the Bovvy driver training area.


Love all AFV from year dot to present.




(PS. I'm not fat anymore, it's just I keep the name as a tribute to all pie/sarnie eating crewmen that have struggled to fit through the cupola throughout history :laugh:)

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Very warm welcome to the forum. You now have official permission to upload as many MV and related pics as you have. Enjoy the forum!


Now uploaded a few humble piccies of a trip I was on to the Defence Capability Centre at Shrivenham last year.


All the years of doing AFV recognition of Soviet Bloc vehicles and they had most there which we could climb in and on. :D


They had








2S3 SP atillery

BM-21 'Grad' Katyusha multiple rocket launcher




Challenger 1 & 2



Abbot 105mm SP Gun

Swedish S-Tank

Marder AFV

Pinzgauer High Mobility All-Terrain Vehicle

FV 432

Warrior MICV


. . . . and others.

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Hi Cav, welcome to the forum, when you meet-up with the AFV owners at the shows, introduce yourself and tell them what you used to do, I know that you will be made very welcome, they will want to know all about your time in the services, so be prepared to be delayed. (I`m ex-REME, Germany, 1956-58)Armoured Workshops. :kissoncheek:

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