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  1. Thanks Bernard. Too many projects means something has to go and the Scammell needs someone with more time than me. :-(
  2. Evening everyone. It's been a long time since I've had a chance to get on the forum. My head has for once ruled my heart and I have decided to sell Thor, as I don't have time to devote to further restoration, so if you know anyone in the market for an Explorer, I would like to see him go to a good home, where he will be completed and used. See my ad here http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?49754-1955-Scammell-Explorer If there is no interest I will go to EBay, but want to give enthusiasts the chance first. The sale includes far too many spares to list individually and I have tried to retain as much of the original vehicle as possible. All best Darren.
  3. Fantastic progress Andy. Looking superb. Don't feel too bad about those shiny palm couplings as thanks to Marvin the Martian I have found some. I just bought one of those small spray guns as the land rover restoration is nearing completion. Really pleased with the result it gives and so much less hassle than the big gun for small part painting. Thanks for posting the photos mate. Daz
  4. Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear that you've had a bad start, but the only way is UP:-D I hope you find a suitable engine soon. Best. Darren
  5. Thanks Rog. A useful lesson there. :cool2:
  6. Sorry Woa2, that's my fault. Although I was educated in a metric society, I still think in old money for stuff like this. As mentioned above, a few pence per litre doesn't sound very much when the Government announce another rise. Seen in larger units, such as a gallon, or how much more it will cost you per tankful, I think it brings it home in a slightly more realistic way. :cry: Daz.
  7. Hi Bob. There is this one on EBay which still has the Meadows. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SCAMMELL-EXPLORER-6X6-ARMY-WINCH-TRUCK-OFF-ROADER-RECOVERY-WRECKER-/150780677951?pt=UK_Car_Parts_Vehicles_Automobila_ET&hash=item231b3a8f3f Have a look a couple of pages back for more info. Needs a bit of work but is perhaps a little overpriced? It may be nowhere near you either. I think there was some talk about LPG ages ago in the thread. Someone will be along soon who can advise you no doubt. Good luck with your search. Darren
  8. Hi Bob and welcome to the forum. I hope your quest for an Explorer is successful.
  9. Lovely old things. Good luck with the restoration.
  10. Very well put. I realise my last post sounds pretty uncharitable when there are people genuinely suffering in the world, but surely we need to get the economy sorted at home before extending a hand to others. I'm thinking also of countries like SPain, who have also absorbed millions of euros from other countries of the EU to keep afloat, but are not a developing nation by any means. Sadly I think prices will just keep going up here. :-(
  11. Welcome Shaun. You have a nice collection there. We would love to see some photos if you don't mind posting them. Darren
  12. I reckon it would be a good project and a bit different. If you need cheering up my restoration of Thor is now 14 years long and it's still only half done! :sleep: I think I'll start stockpiling mineral diesel soon, so I can still drive it when it finally gets finished.
  13. Well done Bernard! there must be quite an interesting history with this one. :readbook:
  14. :rofl::rofl: Well there is some artistic licence in the description I agree. Clearly someones remade several bits in the past. Could be custom oversize re-bore . Not sure that kind of upgrade to the winch is possible though?
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