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Very Sad news

Tony B

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As you all know Dodges are the light of my life. Today one light went out. Carol Le Marquand who owned the WC54 Katy died suddenly this morning. Katy will be coming over to the UK in the next few months as Carol has left her to me. If ever there was a vehicle I didn't want to own.


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sorry to hear your sad news Tony,I saw the ambulance at a show in coronation park a few years back fully kitted out in the back and a very impressivev sight it was ,I am sure that you will look after her in the way her owner would appreciate


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Sincere condolences Tony. It's small comfort at the present moment in time, I know.

BUT, When you tkae her to shows, at least you will be carrying Carol's memory around the arena as a Tribute! Her memory then Lives on! Keep your Chin up Mate, we are all here for you if you want to chat when your feeling better! Take it easy. :undecided:


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