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'Muddy' Caption Competition

Richard Peskett

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I thought it was about time we had another caption competition. This picture is from a collection of photographs of trials before the Russian Commission, November 1916 in Surrey.

Thornycroft 'J' well and truly in the mud. ' Well, if you know a better 'ole, go to it'. ( with apologies to Bruce Bairnsfather.)

Richard Peskett.


Russian trials.jpg

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Richard, do you have any more photos of this particular truck or overall trial event?

A couple of points arise as to the design and fittings on the truck. The vehicle is fitted with curved mud guards both front and rear, where as other period photos show factory specs as flat guards.

Also the woodwork across the back of the cab is horizontal laid rather than then the usual vertical format.

From the angle of the photo it looks like a step on the offside as if to give access to the cab, but with no door on that side and the gear change situated there the step has no use.

All up the truck appears well finished rather than a service truck to WD specifications.

This could well be a special order cab and fittings?

Out to empress a buyer yes.


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Sales to Russia- somewhat a 'sticky' problem like the picture for the manufactures involved. At the time of this album Oxshott Woods , November 1916 all was still well and no doubt manufacturers were selling to Russia. I have never noticed any entries in the Thornycroft sales ledgers of 'J' types going to Russia. A.E.C. of course sold the 'Russian' type derivitive from their 'Y' type range. Once the Revolution took place things took an immediate turn for the worse. Probably worst off were Austin with some 200 units of the ''Twin Propshaft'' chassis left on their hands, almost giving them away at the end and also claiming to be the first manufacturer to provide works buses for their employees, hastily bodied ''Twin Shafts''.

Richard Peskett.

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