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Lightweight land rover parra recce vehicle.


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Hi I'm currently fitting my 1972 lightweight out as a parra recce vehicle I have some bits sorted, like the rear gpmg mount and a front one (only the lower section mind) and also two replica gpmg's to go in them but am lacking good images and information on what these would have looked like in service. Does anyone have one that wouldn't mind taking some snaps for me? And does anyone have any information as to what they really looked like and what other bits do I need?


Thanks everyone.

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With Lightweights , the list below is quite accurate (from known vrm docs). Other Land Rovers esp. Ambulances / 101" - it does not quite follow in some years , ISTR (Solihull re-manufacture).


FG 69-70

FH 69-70

FJ 70-71


FK 71,72,73

FL 72-73

FM 73-74

GB 74-75

GF 75-76

GJ 76

GN 77/78

GT 78/79

GX 79

HF 79/80

HG 80

HH 80-81

HJ 81



KA 82/83

KB 83/84

KC 84

KD 84 (last built 24 volt but Non-FFR)

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