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Norwegian army still selling off ww2 equipment.


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At a auction at Hovemoen, Lillehammer there's several ww2 on the list. Items such as GMC, Jeep and a couple of Dodge engines. Various item for weasel also. Axle for Dodge. You gotta wonder from what closet the army dragged these items, and are there any more? :-)


Other items are somewhat newer and looks like civil defense equipment like fire hoses and pumps. Even a few Polaris Bigboss, but these are sold only to dealers that will sell them outside Norway.




Date for auctioun is sept 18th. 2010




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Some interesting items, 3 big Mercedes Benz wreckers, a bunch of BV 206s which are nice as they are the 6 cylinder Mercedes diesel versions.


A bunch of Lynx snow machines, a nice BV206 power pack lifting frame item 297.


What is the vehicle in the background of this photo? I have searched all the lots but found nothing.




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I did not go to the auction, but this is the prices I've found:


Jeep engines nok 10.000

GMC engine nok 800,-

Dodge engine nok 4.000 and 18.400,-

M-6 engines nok 6.000,-

Weasel parts nok 2.800

BV-206 nok 80.000,-

Wreckers nok 250.000,-

5 pallets M-6 parts nok 10.000,-

Cat D-7 parts nok 8.000,-

Fire equipment/ pumps nok 3.500-7.000,- (Porche/ VW)

Volvo B-18 engines nok 5.000,-


Stopped by there today and found several mp-40 magazines (not complete), some Bren gun magazines and a pallet full of wartime Jerry cans.




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