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1945 willys jeep front axle drive stuck


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Hi all.

i have bought a jeep for restoration, and the only major fault i can find with it is that i cant disengage the front axle drive. The gearstick wont budge at all.

Has anyone had any experience with this fault? got any ideas/solutions?


I've never driven a willys before, so i might not even be doing it right! is there a trick to it?


im a mechanic by trade, so its no problem to remove the gearbox if needed, but i dont really want to if it can be avoided :)

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never really played around with those bits but if I remember correctly, low ratio may only be engaged while in 4 wheel drive, therefore if it's in low ratio, change it to high ratio and the 4WD should disengage. another possibility for you to look at and let us know how you get on

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I was told back in the horse and cart days, always reverse for a few feet before diconnecting the four wheel drive anytime it was used. That was on my old Gipsy. When you jack the wheel up, does it unwind itself or do you need to assist?


As soon as weight is released off the tyre it will release on its own.

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Bloody hell we got summink right!! :yay::dancinggirls:Hope any other problems are as easy to fix! :-D Just run a couple of feet backwards before disengaing 4x4.


What's this 'we', Nick Johns got it right in the first reply, you only jumped on the bandwagon as usual.:n00b::D

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