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  1. Hey Jenkinov, My 45 GPW is an ex Greek one with much the same mods (except the runners). The rear panel is basically a sheet of metal that someone has fitted so I will be replacing that with a correct panel at some point but other than that I plan on keeping it as I found it, for now anyway. Here's a webpage with some jeeps with heavy weapons and a nice pic of an ex Greek army jeep before restoration. http://www.m201.com/versions/106SR.htm I know it's an M201 page but the ex greek pic was originally on another site showing the restoration back to original and if I remember correctly it wa
  2. Congratulations matey.:yay:
  3. I manage the payroll for a large Government department (including a handful of the criminals who sit in Parliament). Previous jobs include milkman, security, printer, crematorium technician and by far the best... doorman in sleazy nightclub in Hong Kong!
  4. You can download the maintenance manual for free from Jeepdraw http://www.jeepdraw.com/ I thought there was a manual section on here but couldn't find it :shocked:
  5. I notice they've changed the set up to two free adult passes per day for each vehicle, might be worth going afterall. I wonder what kind of number of vehicles they're expecting?
  6. We usually go to the white waltham show (retro festival) with one mv and one classic. They told us about the MV show they were planning and I was quite looking forwards to it, now that they're going to charge us to display and are demanding a 'donation' we're going to give them both a miss. I know it's not a massive amount but it's the principle, if all the charge went to help for heros or something equally worthwhile I'd pay up in a flash but I'm not paying to display my vehicles so that someone else can line their pockets. We'll just be doing the show at Dunsfold which was excellent last yea
  7. Looks like it was just vintage tractors. Quite a collection by the sounds of it though. Hope the link works http://www.getwokingham.co.uk/news/s/2112666_businesss_future_in_doubt_after_fire_destroys_vintage_tractors
  8. sorry to hear your bad news, my thoughts are with you.
  9. I understand that you only need a seat-belt if there's a seat for it to belt someone into. Probably best to leave the drivers seat in though.
  10. Good luck with that mate! And let us know how you get on, it's for an admirable cause. Strangely I've recently been toying with the idea of teaching myself the bagpipes, I mean how hard can it be!
  11. I had my GPW inspected at Theale and handed over my paperwork at the desk, it was quick and painless and they were great to deal with. So pleased with the service I even left a little puddle of oil in the car park for them :-D Tax disc arrived a couple of days later.
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