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Big Diggers, and something for the Scammel lovers

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I found these pictures the other day, while looking for Muir Hill photos for Robin Craigs thread. Thought I'd post them on here as they are bound to bring back memories for some and nightmares for others.


43 Plant Squadron RE flexing it's considerable muscle on a new super highway accross Soltau Training Area Germany in the late 1980's.


Terex TS14 scraper, powered by 2 Detroit Diesels, 6 Cylinder 2 stroke. One on the front pulling and another at the back pushing. Good fun to drive, and the noise at full load is absolutely awesome.








Have you noticed the slight lean to the right on one of those trees?




Never mind, rescued by a Cat D6C. Oh, dont forget to stand clear of the winch rope.:D




As promised, Something for those with a Scammel (Leyland?) addiction




Crusader and Terex 82-30B Dozer


TS 14 (2).jpg

TS 14.jpg

TS 14 (3).jpg

TS 14 (4).jpg

TS 14 (5).jpg

Crusader and 8230B 1.jpg

Crusader and 8230B.jpg

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If my memory serves me correctly, the two windscreens were slightly angled away from each other so giving the appearance of one missing.


I (think) I am proud to say that I was the very first person in the British Army if not the world to knacker the gearbox selector on a crusader. On the test track at CVD Ashchurch when I could not get it into gear on a corner and gave it a little too much grief:embarrassed:. Probably about '75 or '76

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Hi Gadgetmajor.

yes you are correct that the screens on the crusader angle backwards.

but looking at the photo there appears to be no screen fitted in that crusader.

the wiper arm is pointing to far back into the cab past the centre channell.




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Is that an EB in the back ground ? or another kind of rough terrain fork lift ?



In the second from last picture, from left to right are: Terex 72 51 Medium Wheel Tractor, then a Haulamatic with the skip in the air, and behind the Crusader is a JCB 410 Rough Terrain Forklift

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Well done Onthecorner, you have passed your vehicle identification test. For a better view of the assembled plant Try this




The other items are, on the left Terex TS8 Scraper, Volvo 4400 Loader, and on the right a Hamm roller, and you can just see a Henley Hercules forklift. The Crusader definitely has a near side screen, and the picture looks a bit wobbly as it was taken from the top of one of these cranes. on the other side of the square.



Crusader Display 2.jpg


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