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Austin K9



ok folks,

here one for the collective brain cell to ponder, it might be answered quickly,who knows?


When was the last Austin K9 (of any type, radio, gs, or water tanker) used by either the regulars or the s.a.s (Saturday and Sunday) types?




Ps, what is a group of them called, a pack? :cool2:

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My K9 was sold off in 1983 so that might be an indicator.


Don't know dates for SAS but here's a pic, caption was "Charlie at work in the Northern Oman dessert" from the book One Mans's SAS by Lofty Large.


Some more info on a k9 site I pulled together, see signature.

cheers Paul

K9 SAS Charlie.jpg

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AFAIK I owned a couple of the last K9's in use. One I bought from Aston Down in 1990 or 91 - there were two in the sale, both radio body, both TA. The other was a year or so later, again a TA radio truck, and went through Aston Down as a non-runner with the engine in bits in the back. I bought it a short while later at someone's clearance sale - by then the engine had been put back together!


To the best of my knowledge this was the last K9 cast, but I stopped paying attention after the Aston Down sales ended and of course one could have come out through the back door.

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