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  1. Kerb weight is, as you say, just over the ton but with all the crap I carry in it I reckon 1.6 is a good guess;)
  2. If this question is in the wrong place I apologise. I have a Willys MB that I wish to take to shows far and wide across the country. I have a Discovery 300Tdi that has a 3.5t towing capacity and a nose weight of 150kg. The weight of the jeep is 1.6t or thereabouts and it is 11ft long by just under 5ft wide. I think that an Ifor Williams type flatbed trailer of over 2.6t gross would be best weightwise. What would be the best length trailer to buy to get the balance right? What does the 150kg nose weight mean?
  3. GlosterMB

    Fantasy Barn

    1. AEC Matador with 2. 5.5" gun behind 3. M29C Weasel 4. M16 Half track 5. '41 WLA Harley 6. M8 Ford Armoured Car 7. Bedford RL (22EP06 would be really great) 8. Folding Para bike 9. Dodge WC62 6x6 10. BMW R75 and s/car Now all I have to do is raise the money and the barn :-)
  4. Not the answer I wanted to hear but what I was expecting to hear :-(
  5. Hi Nick, How did you come to this conclusion?
  6. Hi, My paper HGV3 licence ran out back in '93, not long after I left the TA. Is there any way that I can resurrect this licence under the new licencing laws and what hoops do I have to jump through to do it? A medical obviously but what else? Thanks in anticipation,
  7. This would have been really funny if he'd attached the cable to the next pylon and pulled that over!
  8. Pretty sure 37 Sig Regt (V) still had them late 84/early 85. We had one as a workshop truck and one that housed a D13 transmitter in my troop.
  9. I made my bustle rack for the jeep using a gas mig welder, and the results were quite satisfactory for a machinist operating a welder. However, if you really want to improve your amatuer welding skills, get yourself an auto-darkening face shield. It enables you to start and finish where you intend to and virtually erases the chance of arc-eye. Yes, they're expensive but the results speak for themselves. JMTPW
  10. Also beware of arranging your reg to look like a military plate. Got stopped by "venerable william" a few years ago and given a stern telling off. Luckily the letters were stuck on so we changed it back there and then.
  11. Hi Ashley, I hear what you're saying, I put it up to see what people thought. I bought it from a proper junk shop on one of the greek islands, a week or so ago. The island was invaded by the Germans in May 1941 and I think they left in September '44. It is slightly taller than the yank one and I reckon it would hold about 1.5 gallons/8 ltrs. There is a reinforcing cross strap on the bottom with a brass stud at the cross over that has a dull verdigris finish on it.I've been to this island many times and this is the only thing I've seen of this period, apart from scores of jeep trailers being used by the Greek armed forces of course :-D. Regs Lloyd
  12. So did the German's have a similar code for buckets like these then? :whistle:
  13. You could weld a tab to the pole and mount the mirror on that, just a suggestion
  14. Are they the same pcd as Series I,II &III Land Rovers? Only I've got five one piece rims with good tyres on that I don't need any more and would like to sell them to the biggest market available. Ta muchly, Lloyd
  15. Going to Britany in August on a five day trip as US 6th Armoured, no firm details yet.
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