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Help, What gun ring mounting is this from ?


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Is it a functional gun, or a training piece? It looks very much like a Vickers K gun. Though were the magazine is supposed to mount I can't see. It looks like there are two electrical contacts underneath. Is there some form of light fitting in the barel end?

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Listed as making Camera "Eagle" foe aircraft.


page 24 shows a 90 second film developer for X ray film made by them.


Whatever this gun is it may have something to do with camera/ film. but my gut feeling is that is an aerial gunnery trainer, that "Somehow" used light to indicate a kill or a hit on the target????

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I agree that it is a Camera Gun. Williamson also had a factory in Basingstoke Road, Reading, which is now the Gillette Razor Factory. Williamson also made the Gun Cameras for Spitfires and Hurricanes in WW2.

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