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  1. I found the photo, here in 1930's all of the Vickers with AA,
  2. Portuguese Army bought six of them, I have an photo with all of them, but dont know where is, I am going to look for.
  3. Here is one original photo take in central Lisbon, with an AA 7,5cm S.A. Anti- aircraft gun
  4. Ohhhh very good photos , many thanks, but I think that our Vickers is diferent from the others on photos , look the exhaust is in right lateral side on back (yes, you dont see it , but was there) here are some photos ,
  5. This one has survived ....eheheheheeh.... We are interested to see photos, or if is possible any one that survived .....
  6. This 1931 Vickers Carden Loyd stiil exist in Portuguese Army museum, Oldest vehicle in our museum,
  7. Thank you, one more thing we learn, allways learning, many thanks, fernando
  8. Hi, HELP Please , need to know what Gun use this Belt , thanks, fernando
  9. No,but bought a quantity of tool,s, sights, aerial spiders, oilers , hammers, pliers , handles, ammunition boxes, everything from Portuguese Army Bofors. Fernando
  10. HI, i'am looking for Copy of catalogue or Photos of equipment from Bofors 40mm like oilers , sights, lamps , special equipment , tools And others. fernando
  11. Yehhh, clever eye Alex ...... Yes, I bought both, both where from Portuguese Army. It's an Chevrolet C60L very good inside/outside, only portuguese Army changed engine for Perkins Diesel. Fernando
  12. It uses Austin Ten engine with water pump. Fernando
  13. No, the Rover 100 from 1960 is not mine ....... For the best Tilly I need the rear cargo hood top and size of bowes (tubes ) to make them here..... For the other one I will need plenty of things, like -Rear door -headlights -side lights -Front and rear bumpers -Radiator -Air filter -front bonnet AUSTIN emblem and other small things But principal to start painting best Tilly is the rear hood cargo top ...who can made it ???'
  14. This photos are from the best one, History ??? I thought to buy one Tilly here in Portugal, and look for it, so found two and bought them.... Portuguese Army have plenty of them, but all have been scrapped. Photos from the second one is whorst shape, missing some parts...... Uploaded with
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