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What would you rather be doing?



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Hi folks. On this fantastic sunny day what would you rather be doing, sat in side watching the Grand Prix, World cup final or underneath your green machine, covered in oil, the wrong spares, but a can of beer getting it ready for a MOT?:nut:



well definately not the world cup.... it's not a sport..


sport is meant to be played by sportsmen or sportswomen which would infer sportsmenlike behaviour. However the last 3 world crud I have witnessed has been people pretending to be tripped over to get free kicks which was bad enough ie the best actors win.


This year has been a celebration of cheating...... we had the invisible goal and another hand of god incident and there was no embarrassment, they jumped in front of the camera and said "look I cheated and got away with it". May as well watch reruns of the Benny Hill show.


I suppose I had hoped this year it was finally going to be cleaned up as they always threaten.


So I'll sit here and read my parts manual in complete contentment

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Have walked the dogs... gone for a drive in the jeep while the F1 was on ... find it dull and uninteresting , now the old late 80's - 90's Touring cars ... proper racing :D.... had a BBQ ... now here while wife watches world cup ... hope the Dutch win cause I like the cloggies ... never ever watched a whole game of football in my life.

Like above post ... Kiera Kightley

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forgott to add Kiera !
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