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WC51 Rear Body


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Just looking thru some pics of our old dodge , never seen another that had an all metal body,( the floor was one thick sheet ) any theories why it was metal ?....


My WC52 has all steel body and steel floor, a Norweigan mod apparently, seen a few others the same

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It was used by the french police for riots after ww2 upto 1980 ,we then bought it from pete gray(could the french have done it?).....

It was probably a bit of a riot when they fell through the original rotten wood floor !!

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Early WC's had a metal floor, which was replaced later during the war with wood to save on steel. Many WC's that were used post war probably had the wooden floor replaced by steel because it was easier to replace the floor with steel instead of wood.


Goran N

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It was a wooden floor right through WW2, in fact the floor, bed front panel, tailgate, rubbing strips were the same 39 -47 half ton, 3/4 ton, military, and half ton civilian.


The 3/4 ton bed started out with a lot of metal in the side boxes, and as the war progressed more of the side boxes became wood ( marine ply ?) but the floor was always wood.


Pre-41 it was six 8" boards, giving the 48" width (actually 48 1/4" but who is counting - the original body was designed to be clearance for a 48" width sheet - hence 48 1/4" )





Civilian bed ( on the left ) sat straight on wooden crossmembers. Military bed ( on the right) sat on the same crossmembers, but also 3" chassis stringers. Note the difference in the fender position ( height ) on the bed side, and the way the military fender is angled upwards on the trailing edge where the civilian trailing edge is flat. Under the spare wheel mount and on the opposite side military half tons had a 3" panel to make up the stringer height difference. Despite the different appearances, the boards, front and back bed panels, and rub strips on the VC ( right) would swap straight on to a 3/4 ton WC. The TD20 on the left is almost identical, but 120" wheelbase so 4" longer bed floor.


1941 onwards it was still six 8" boards, but the boards were made of random-width strips of Oak glued together for strategic supply reasons, same for Carryall and van floor.


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