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Just saying hello

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Afternoon ladies gents and members of the Corps (of Royal Engineers):morning:

I am 38 and a plant operator in the Royal Engineers, although I operate a desk these days:coffee: and am currently am based in Tidworth.

I have always had an interest in large military vehicles and stumbled upon this site this afternoon, I just had to register in order to be able to view the great pictures, I shall probably remain lurking unless I have anything constructive to say.

Cheers Ginge

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Hi Ginge,

welcome to the forum.


Remember Tidworth well (lived there twice :nut: 61-64 the days when vehicles were never locked and they had thier own fire service) down in the old M.Q.`s, also on dads return to U.K in 73-74 on the hill heading towards P.D. he was also a member of the R.E.s for 25 yrs.


If your out on the plain watch out for forum member Plain Military as he may appear from behind a bush flashing away ...........(with his camera) :cool2:


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Dear Ginge,


Welcome to the forum.


You have of course now become the resident (admittedly desk bound) expert and source of all knowledge RE related, congratulations on your "in perpetuity position" (unpaid). Be advised that unless you can find anyone else to fill this role you can not relinquish said position.:goodidea:



I and likely others presume you are male but wont take any chances as we live in a brave new world, so please clarify your gender.


If I could be so bold, there is a member selling a CET at the moment, would make an ideal first personally owned military vehicle, I'm sure the RSM wouldnt object to you parking it on his parade square.:yay:


If you need any more helpful handy hints for career advancement dont hesitate to ask the forum.:trustme:


best regards


Robin in Canada

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I am indeed ‘he’ so can clearly only do one thing at a time!

I spent all evening checking out the restoration projects and then moved on to the Foden section, just love it.:D

I would love a Foden wrecker but just do not have the means at the moment,:red: I have not had any contact with CET’s during my 14 years except watching them digging a 5Km anti tank ditch in Thetford in 92.

I was a Spr and the SSM’s driver we where in Recce, the SSM had just had a row with the Regy 2IC and refused to go in a helicopter on a Recce so he gave me his jacket, with the big badge on, and of I went, a scrote of 20 dressed as the SSM telling this pilot where to go, great times.

Cheers Ginge

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