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Smallwood Steam Rally 29-30-31/5/2010

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Afternoon all,


anybody going to this steam rally? I just had a phonecall about my entry, am in, I was a bit cheeky and sent my request off lastweek.


Been told that there are 85 military vehicles booked in!!!


If anybody on here going, I will be there on the sunday, you cant miss me, bright yellow landy!!!!!:nut:


All the best


Mark :cool:

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Hi mate, yes I hope to get up there on the Fri. evening and set up the display. etc. Know Simon does as well, it will be our first trial/joint event, shall I take the .50? We will be there untill Sun. evening. Try to save you space.



will be in the yellow peril, sunday only tho


You got to take the .50 cal tho mate, you need some sandbags?



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Hello Guy's


Look forward to seeing you there Mark i will bring my sunglases:Dif i can get from work on time

i will go friday night but if not Sat morning till sunday night should be a good show i will take all the kit hope to have air nav system all working in back on mil pc fingers crossed will have plenty of tins in the cooler and the barbie:-) see you all at smallwood



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