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I may have a WW1 German 7.58 cm Minenwerfer

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Any assistance on the following would be appreciated.

Is this legal to posses and/or sell?

How can I discover it's value?

What would be the best way to sell it?

Is anyone interested in buying it?




Amendmant: For the UK read the following.

If you have a Firearms Certificate with a variation for the calibre of this weapon, you could possess it.

If this was done, you would need to get it proofed before you could legaly sell it. (Statutory Legal requirement) If Ammo was not available, you could argue the case for getting it transfered to an 'Obsolete Calibre' as Ammo 'Is not readily available'. Or you could go down the avenue of getting it deactivated & certified, so it could be held with no restrictions at all. Is is abroad? If so, you would need a Firearms Dealer to get the Import Permit to get it legaly into the UK. Value: It depends on what is missing or damaged.

You also need to clarify what is actually is, then a value could be applied. Should it have wheels? Does it have a carriage? basicaly, is it complete? Difficult to commit to anything without this info. But evrything has a value. It just depends on who wants it!


OOPPS! Just seen you are in the US! If this weapon is there, then it is classed as a Destructive device & has the same classification as a Machine Gun when it comes to possesion without the required licence! If the breech ring or another major componant WITH THE SERIAL NUMBER is missing. Then it is licence free I believe. Mike.


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Perhaps this photo might be the weapon you are discussing



I was under the impression from reading various prosecution reports from the U.S. that federal registration would be required for this type of weapon- because of the explosive rounds. But then I'm not American nor a Lawyer;)





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Yes it was taken along time ago- it was surprising how much there was already spoken for. I wouldn't be surprised if it is not the one in USA although from the little I can see on the imageshack photo that one is incomplete.



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Yes, Steve. That is what I have. The one I have is partially still buried in the ground. Everything is there down to the base plate. no wheels etc.


Can anyone give me an idea on the value? Just a ballpark number? I have had a couple people and museums interested but they all insist I start the bidding price.


This is how it ended up on a farm in Michigan (U.S.): This item was on display in a municipal park for many years, apparently a WWI trophy bought back from France by the local National Guard Company.

In the late 1950's it was given to a local gun club which moved it to an isolated farm and experimented with it.

The gun was modified with a nipple so it could fire blackpowder utilizing percussion caps.

No satisfactory projectile could be found that could accommodate the lands and grooves and the

gun club soon tired of this and left it on the ground where it was overgrown by shrubbery and remained undiscovered until quite recently.

One photo exists from spring 1962 showing the item in its current position on the farm. This photo is current.


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