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Hi everyone. My name is Lynn Eades. ( Yep, i'm a guy) I'm just a bit closer to sixty than fifty, I have 3 adult children, and a very tolerant wife (Chris(tine)). The disease started with Dodges, developed into Jeeps, and finally morphed to Carriers. ( I did buy a C8AX CMP the day we were married)

We live on a hill looking out to sea, just north of Tauranga. Bay of Plenty. North island of New Zealand.

I have unfinished; Our house, a WC55 Dodge (gun motor carriage M6) A Willys Jeep. (A British Universal carrier) Armoured O.P.No.1, MarkIII(W) The bare bones of two real Bren Carriers(N.Z. built) Carrier Bren No2 Mark I, L.P. Various hull parts of a Canadian universal, and lastly the very rotten remains of a N.Z. built Aust. pattern LP2A Carrier.

In other areas, I go hunting occasionally, keep a few Deer, as pets, along with the wild pig, the dog, and the cats.

Im a kept man, (Chris working full time) while I build the house, and suppliment the income a little, servicing mobility scooters.

I'm an ex RNZEME "A" grade Mechanic, having spent many years in fleet maintenance (trucks, logging equipment, forklifts etc, and for many years self employed.

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Hello Lynn sound like you are already very busy ! You must enjoy the hunt and searching for parts then ,I cant imagine ther being many Carriers down there to break for parts . Where do you general have any luck locating spares ? On the plus side with the advent of the WEB you can be any where and get most anything <for a price> sent anywhere !


Oh yeah and Welcome , Always like seeing what others are working on ,collecting .

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