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What is this?



I dug this out fom behind other stuff that strangely seems to be pilling up over time.

It is marked on one side.

"Laird Irvine. (MoD symbol) . 1917.18."

On the other side.

"SP.8.40" ".13.15.0." "5.7.17." and some other strang marking!

Is it of interest or just another bit of c**p?



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Dont know if this helps in any way , but found this on Google:-


The Scottish Maritime Museum is based partly at the Laird Forge Buildings in Irvine and partly at the Denny Ship Model Experiment Tank in Dumbarton. Archive material for the Denny Ship Model Experiment Tank in Dumbarton, as well as the Museum in Irvine, is centrally administered at Laird Forge Buildings, Irvine.



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If you look on the pacific thread on the vintage vidios the GIs are using two identical pieces of kit to fasten winch lines to front of a tank to haul it onto trailer the yolk on end of winch line is to small to fit towing eye on tank so these bits on kit adapt it. so i guess similar used in british forces

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