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Hi from Tim in Devon

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Found this site yesterday, Great find !

Great interest in ww2 vehicles, got a 1942 script Ford jeep,(spent it's war years in Australia)

1941 (I think) GMC 353 rag top, with winch, and newly aquired 50 cal and gun ring (my money pit)

GMC tin top, had been sitting in an Exeter garden for 22 years, It started and drove the 2 miles from the transporter to my yard, rusty cab but all there. I've pulled the engine out and rebuilt it to go in my rag top one. (might be putting it up for spares).

I'm looking for a Dodge command car and a WLA harley Davidson, anyone got one for sale?

09 was our first year, attended some fantastic events in Devon and Cornwall and met some great people and thier vehicles. can't wait for the 2010 season to start !

I'm only too happy to help anyone out in the military scene.

We buy, sell and repair landrovers. www.tredown.co.uk

Tim Selwyn

01409 254164

07774 705954


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Hi Tim and welcome to the forum. I didn't know you were into Miliary stuff as well. I bought a LR 90 from you a few years ago and have been back a few times since- looking at Discoverys last time. I live just the other side of the A30 from Launceston, so not a million miles away. Cheers. Darren.

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