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  1. Just to report the passing of my uncle detailed in this thread. It’s all the more important to preserve these vehicles that we have for the sake of history as those that were there leave us.
  2. I've used sampsons before, only for craning, but good firm. Where in our great county going this time?
  3. I've been eyeing your ad for weeks now, have had to stop looking as its depressing me. I think for the quality it is well priced, there is a much cheaper saladin being advertised at the moment too, but looks not so good. But for someone like me looking for both vehicles (although a foden drops is the ultimate) then its a really good combo. Just one issue.... my entire factory burnt to the ground this time last year so no spare cash until way after rebuild is over. Best of luck selling it but secretly I'm hoping you might re advertise next year sometime......
  4. mine is off being measured and copied by another forum member, so there might be some available soon..... edit: I mean my penthouse tent btw
  5. Just thought I would update this thread as a matter of interest. We were very proud of my uncle who was invited to a "do" at Buckingham Palace recently as a veteran of the war. Prince Andrew had a chat to him and asked a few questions about his medals and cap badge. Its an important thing that we take the time to say thank you and to remember. And to think, until recently, he thought people wouldn't be interested in what he had done.
  6. Wow great response, thank you all. With regards to the accumulators, I don't seem to have much help with the steering if the engine is off, but it is okay when the engine is running. The leak was a growing puddle of oil rather than a pressurised spray, and it seems to be coming from one of the pipes that run to the accumulator next to the rear seats. The pipe seems to be about 9.5mm but it has been painted many times I expect. What grade of pipe should I be looking for as a replacement?
  7. Hi all The Saracen developed a leak in one of the copper pipes running along the fighting compartment wall to the right of the drivers seat, however, it only leaked when the engine was turning. I thought the system was under pressure the whole time due to the accumulators? Does this mean that when I come to change the pipe there won't be any pressure in it? Thanks Paul
  8. Well, the gearbox seems to have been in a neutral position, although not sure. The issue with starting her is that the fluid flywheel is very empty due to a leak and batteries a bit flat, so not too bad.
  9. Hi We recently had a massive fire here at work and while I was dealing with fire officers a couple of mates dragged the Saracen and ferret out with a tractor. Unfortunately they don't know about these things and I found that although they say they didn't go very fast the transfer box was still in forward gear. They were towed across a soft ish field which might have helped. The ferret seems to drive okay although I've only crawled it about 100m back into the sheds (that survived) but the Saracen will need a bit more work to get her started. How do I tell if there is damage to the driveline without driving it and poss causing more damage? Is it probable that damage has been done? Like I said to my mates I'd rather a tractor joint was written off than the whole thing in a fire. Thanks
  10. Wow, good luck with that one, how long will it take do you think? Cheers Paul
  11. Welcome to the forum, where in Devon are you? Cheers Paul
  12. Saracen driving rule 11. After the first 15 miles place your left foot on your left shoulder to avoid it cooking on the exhaust.
  13. I think we definitely need pics please.
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