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  1. Just to report the passing of my uncle detailed in this thread. It’s all the more important to preserve these vehicles that we have for the sake of history as those that were there leave us.
  2. Just thought I would update this thread as a matter of interest. We were very proud of my uncle who was invited to a "do" at Buckingham Palace recently as a veteran of the war. Prince Andrew had a chat to him and asked a few questions about his medals and cap badge. Its an important thing that we take the time to say thank you and to remember. And to think, until recently, he thought people wouldn't be interested in what he had done.
  3. Hi montie Been off the thread for a while, good to see you are making progress. Keep up the good work Paul
  4. its what I do for a living, kind of. Coming from Devon and dealing with hay...... should have called myself yokel
  5. just as an update to this thread, the goddess has been put on ice for a while because of work committments, however, it was nearly there until one of the lads drove into it with a forklift..........................................
  6. I'm an RSOLE as it were, good site for everything RL. Did the RL on this thread not sell then?
  7. Hi Getting to the end of constant sanding painting, swearing sanding painting swearing etc, and things are getting better all the time. Has anyone had any experience of compounding? Sounds like it would finish off the paintjob, shining her up a little and losing sanding marks too, but I've never done it before. Cheers Paul
  8. I don't deserve it but thanks for the encouragement!!! Cheers Paul
  9. Good stuff Rob, any photos of the finished article? Have you got any closeups too? Cheers Paul
  10. Hi I used etch primer, then high build primer followed by everyday deep bronze green bought from cobbaton
  11. lack of prep it is, and also being in too much of a hurry and not waiting for the warmest weather, plus its a dusty environment despite my best efforts. Still, if I was starting again I would do things differently, so at least I'm learning some lessons here.
  12. There you go, you have just exposed the problem, I don't even know what that is....... high volume something, lack of knowledge and experience can slow things down. The green looked too orange peely this morning so it has to come off and the etch primer needs alot more sanding down, not happy.
  13. Thanks, its looks really good when viewed from a few paces away, goes downhill as you get closer, but then I'm my own harshest critic and learning as I go along. Cheers Paul
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