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Sabre 49AT17 and Fox CVR(W) 10FD66, 10FD70


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I'm afraid I can't help much. My lists show that 49AT18 and 49AT19 have survived, 10FD67 and 10FD68 have survived and 10FD72 is still around. Can't help with info on your old vehicles though.



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It was a un offical mod we did to them using spare spotlight brakets. As you can see they work very well. And looked good on the range with the coax gpmg going as well. It was centre mounted betwwen the two turets so either commander or gunner could use it.

We also had the bigger artic bins fitted to the back of the turret.

germany ex 5.jpg

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Thanks for those. If you make it down to W&P Show next year or you're ever Essex way & want a drive of a Fox again give me a shout..

May take you up on that

Will sort pics out tonight and get them on my photobucket site and put a link to them on here. Off to chester races now to loose the shirt off my back.

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Looking forward to that too, not seen any of Fox in service

Artic bin looks a great mod!

What Sqn were you BTW?


Yea it came in handy the artic bin i got mixed up the artic bin was fitted to simiter and sabre. The fox had the otis bin on the back of the turret.


Was in "c" sqn (the Cheshire Yeomanry) Queens own yeomanry. Til the big defense shack up they were re rolled with the rmly and made to a Mbt chally 2 regiment.


Also put some pics of fox in my gallery. Going though all my old pics at the moment got a far few so will tak ea bit to sort out.

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