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Back home in one peice....


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Oh well - back home and into reality again, another W&P show has ended....:-(


I have to say - even with the feet playing up again - it was probably the best one yet. Got down there with the rest of the group the Thursday before the show started with the rest of the group and chilled out meeting old friends and making new ones until the show started. As others have pointed out over the years the sanitation facilities can be "questionable" at times so now we take our own with us in the form of a caravan - which promptly got hidden under a Drops cam-net...

Once the show started the guys from the 9th Company group arrived and we took the OT into the arena for a quick blast around whenever armour or tracks or cold war was listed on the program. Talking to one of the arena marshals on Thursday night he mentioned that one of the cadets on arena traffic control was celebrating his 19th birthday and had been set up with a ride in another marshals Saracen - so I offered to let him try the OT as well if he wanted. A quick radio call got an emphatic YES so we hung back after until the arena had cleared then first loaded up 8 cadets in the rear and took them for a spirited ride around the empty arena followed by the lad getting behind the tiller bar. Must have done something right as he was going to join up with the RAF but apparently (or so we were told the next night) has now switched allegiance and now wants to join the RTR!! :) Set the trend for the next few nights as some of the arena marshal's expressed an interest in having a go too!! :):)


Friday we met up with 8 guys from another group called "Red Alliance" who volunteered to man the crew compartment. A quick bit of rehearsing later and we were putting on a demo of how the Soviets/Warsaw pact forces used amphibious IFV's to fight with - starting with a simulated river crossing followed by a demo of fighting from within the vehicle then dismounted deployment and recovery of the 8 man section. We repeated this on Sat afternoon and Sunday morning and it seemed to go well - and go down well with the audience. Next year the groups aim to have the necessary re-enactor status and insurance etc. to be able to source and use blank firers. Should liven things up!!! :)

On the Sunday we were put out in the arena with a T-72 who started to over-haul us - until I moved up into 4th and started to pull away from him. However at those speed the OT started to power-slide again on the dust this time so I backed off and let the T-72 pass.

The OT behaved herself impeccably through out the show - not a small thing when take into consideration I hadn't touched her since Sept. 2008. Did have to spend a couple of days armed with mold remover and several backets of clean water removing all the white powdery stuff that had resulted from one of the roof lights letting go at the place she is stored and soaking her. Not a fun job... :-(

The weather held for the show apart from one down pour one afternoon. Not a problem for me as we were in the arena awaiting our turn so i just dropped the seat and closed the hatch until it stopped... :rofl:


Wandering through the trade stands I managed to pick up another intercom lead and crew headset for the OT for a LOT less than I paid for the ones that came with the vehicle. Just need one more of each and I'll have a full set. Also managed to pick up some 1940's style "Artists" shoulder titles.


Typically though - it turned this morning meaning we had to drop the nets and tentage whilst they were soaking wet from heavy rain. The OT was moved into the transit area to await Ovendon's coming to pick her up (Need to ring them tomorrow to verify the date & time of collection). Then we headed for the caravan store and thence home. Took a while there to wash the mud off the front of the caravan but all is now done and packed away. Pictures will be uploaded form the camera tomorrow when I'm a bit more awake.


But for now - roll on 2010!!!!! :):):)

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Guest catweazle (Banned Member)
I thought you said you were going to sell the OT at W&F not buy more bits:confused:

I think the unemployed allowance has just gone up:-D

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I thought you said you were going to sell the OT at W&F not buy more bits:confused:


I put the sign up on it when not in the arena - no interest though... Oh dear...... :)


I think the unemployed allowance has just gone up:-D


Nope - but one of the arena staff spoke to me - apparently his business includes providing vehicles for TV & Films amd he was rather interested in the OT so maybe..... :)

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